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Mission Statment Who we are

Mission Statement

MS Flood FC is a non-profit group designed to foster the growth and promotion of youth soccer in North Mississippi. MS Flood FCs objectives are to provide quality soccer training to players and coaches, develop leadership qualities, and promote good sportsmanship. We provide children and young adults with the opportunity to participate in a competitive soccer experience where they can develop positive self-esteem and build character by learning the virtues of hard work, respect, honesty, self-control, teamwork and sportsmanship.

MS Flood Futbol Crest

MS Flood FC is an independent, nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to the development of youth soccer in North Mississippi. The Club introduces children to the exciting sport of soccer and provides professional skills training and high level competition designed to meet the needs of committed players. The Mission of the MS Flood FC is to create an environment where the youth of north Mississippi have the opportunity to develop to their full potential in a high quality, competitive program that allows individual and team goals to be achieved. MS Flood FC is committed to the development of the whole child as it relates to physical exercise, mental toughness, and sportsmanship. MS Flood FC will provide the best training and support available for players, coaches, and parents. MS Flood FC encourages competitive teams that play in competitive flights as well as highly competitive teams capable of Premier Cup play or the equivalent.

MS Flood FCs goals include:

  • To enable children to have fun playing competitive soccer;
  • To teach children good sportsmanship towards teammates, opposing players, coaches, and officials;
  • To teach children the importance of teamwork, and the responsibilities and rewards that come with commitment to a team;
  • To provide high quality, professional soccer training so players can develop to the best of their ability;
  • To enable children to develop soccer skills, gain experience, and develop a passion for the game that will permit them to reach their highest potential.

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